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HEal CANcer

Cancer. Something that has been around for centuries.  No one knows exactly why? How? or Who.  I have had friends, family and battled the lumps and bumps in my own life. My creative mind is always trying to help promote causes.  The creativity behind this design was “Nothing is Impossibly with God”  HE CAN HEAL CANCER.   Sometimes prayers are not enough as God has a will and plan; but the comfort knowing he is in control and the comfort of support here on Earth is what people need.  I hope you can help spread the word and show support of those fighting the fight. Enjoy. God Bless.




Keepin’ It Rural

Just in!  Keepin’ It Rural T-shirt…great for under a winter flannel…get yours now in time for Christmas!


It’s a LATTE…

Wouldn’t this be cute in frame …PRINT A 8×10 hereorange-pumpkin-spice


Hunting season is here!  So is Cancer Awareness…so in care of loving both Hunting and Friends fighting the fight I am sponsoring this FUNdraiser! 

Get a ORANGE sweatshirt and I will donate $5 to a local MN fight. I have a few in mind, but we are all in this together! If YOU would like to raise funds for someone you know and like my design, please let me know as I would be HAPPY to help ya out!

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FARMLife is Good.

 Connecting Agriculture. Educating.  What The Farmerette does out here in the prairies of Minnesota, may not be exactly what you do, But we all have to understand the basics. Farmers are the backbone of America. My ancestors came on a ship from Germany, through New York. Got a train. The train they were on, took them through WI, and they landed in Southern MN.  They worked the railroads, clearing snow on the tracks in order to buy a parcel of land for $8 per acre. They grew fruit mostly in Germany, so Corn was a different crop for them, but they survived off the land, and because corn was needed in Mpls to make food, this is what they grew.

We still survive off the land. Farmers sell their grain. Grain goes to the elevator. The elevator trains it, to barges. Barges sell and corporations buy it for production. Production goes through many avenues, but it puts the corn chips, soda pops, tortilla shells on the shelves.   We live in  a society where people are losing reality of what it actually takes to feed millions, because it is so simple to get it off the shelf.  They see the local little garden markets, which in reality see a hundred people and that is far from millions. 

I seen a quote this AM on Facebook. “Isn’t it weird that after 30,000 years of eating bread, everyone is gluten allergic now?”  I had to laugh, not at the people that are truly allergic, {because allergies are not fun} but at the way society jumps on a bandwagon. 
I share with you my new slogan. It is great to live the life of farming. Most of the time life is good. Sometimes Life is not. We take the good with the bad. But we need to be optimistic, so I share this with you.

Farmlife is good



diesel 2

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