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Summer is here!

Summer is here. June 21st.  The longest day of the year!  

With summer comes FAIRS!  I love our rural area. In Southern MN we have some great fairs, some have tractor pulls, derby’s, big name country singers that come in…

This year at the Faribault County Fair in Blue Earth, MN I am putting together a Fun FLEA JUNKtion…thats right…no need to drive to MPLS to the JUNK BONANZA..we have 40 tri-state vendors coming to Blue Earth, at the JUNKton of I-90 and Hwy 169!

Check out the Website www.FleaJUNKtion.com  or our facebook!  Tell your friends!  Junk’n is the hip new fun thing to do!


Keep it RURAL this Valentines Day!

Don’t Scratch Your head this year trying to figure out the perfect gift for HIM or HER!!!  Be Unique…Keep it Rural. 

Rural Spotlight Jan 9th


Our Second Spotlight of the year came from Summerset South Dakota.  Katie has the cutest magnetic calendars and fun home items to organize your 2017 household!  

Check out MAGNETS AS YOU PLEASE on etsy!

Magnetized Lip Balm Tin

This week, the Minnesota weather has turned to freezer temperatures.  My skin is dry. My lips are dry.  My kids keep leaving their chapstick, made of wax, in there pant pockets and I wash them. UGH. The other day, my daughter Liz (12) said she almost called me from school because her lips hurt so much. I said, “Why don’t you just keep one in your locker”….that is when the light bulb went off.  Why don’t they make a lip balm that you can STICK anywhere?  Well, here it is…you saw it here first:) 


Available in MINT  OR CHERRY…..


Independent We Stand



Re-Building America one street at a time.  

I have a vision that the downtown boutiques, shops and markets will be revived in the next few years.   The Farmerette travels around southern Minnesota and I have noticed more and more little Boutiques opening in small american towns and Main Streets are also being redone.  My Hometown of Blue Earth, just recently had the downtown streets/parking made-over is it looks wonderful.You can tell the 1890 buildings are being updated too..new paint, new shops etc

Architecture of Rural America:   One thing I have ALWAYS loved is the architecture of these buildings.  These buildings have history..they have character and builders today will never be able to re-create the amount of talented time and craftsmenship that once carved and hand made these large downtown buildings. They just amaze me.  They are a part of history and if only the walls could talk.

Another note;  Malls are not once what they used to be.  My children and I notice this.  It doesn’t feel as safe.  I see the shift happening of Urbans heading to the Rural fun cute old downtowns, thus we need to pull together and support our fellow main streets and help make this movement happen.  

I came across this website wwwIndependentWeStand.org and LOVE their graphics to help promote our rural American shops. Even big cities have history in the downtown areas, so I am not discluding these at all…just want to bring notice to a different wave of shopping.

Please take the Pledge!  Support USA made, Independent Shops in America because there’s No place like Local for the Holidays!


LOVE your Skin


Its that time of year. DRY.

Dry skin from the weather is not a fun way to end the summer tan you had.  Keep your skin supple and moist with The Farmerette’s whipped body butters.  Made with Shea Butter, Cocoa Butter, Vitamin E and lots of other great things for your skin…it will leave it feeling soft and subtle.  Plus my lotions smell AMAZING!  Better than any bath and body, this isn’t your mamas watered down lotion.  Order by clicking the Farmerette’s RURAL GIRL BOUTIQUE BOTTON.



From Terrorists to Buffers…MN Suffers

I am usually not one to write about politics but the events in MN and beyond have taken a toll and I need to vent in writing..ie my freedom of speech.

Being a farmer in MN has its ups and downs.  We farm. We conserve. Personally I have my own opinion on Governor Dayton and his law passing on a few issues. First let me say we No-Till.  Have for over 20 years. Talk about conservation and protecting runoff, blowing soil etc.  But Dayton still mandates we place 50′ buffers around our water ditches. 50′! That’s a lot of land out of production and we get NOTHING for it. Well, I guess we do get all the lovely grass and weed seeds that come along with that…don’t get me started on the beautiful sow thistles we could not control this year, blew in from the state seedings last fall. UGH.



Terrorists.  People that want to cause harm and hurt/kill other people. Call them what you may, but they are anti-american. I know a lot of great immigrants!! Many work in agriculture. Very hard working, friendly and PROUD to be here. I connect with a lot of Facebook. I just messaged with one today. His name was Mr. Gutierrez. He said he lives in Chicago and wants to be on a farm.  He served in Iraq and since being in Chicago, he has been shot at 9 times. He stated he felt saver in the military.  What is wrong with this picture? Everyone wants a better life. That is what America is about. Yes Mr. Dayton I live in this century. My Combine costs more than your Fancy Car.

But when you get a governor that has an agenda and tells us ONE year ago, in St. Cloud by the way, that if you don’t like MN then move?! MOVE? hello? Don’t throw us all in that “bucket”…

MN Governor Dayton: Don’t like immigrants, get out of Minnesota!

Sorry! We own productive land here. (last year we bought land right across the border, yes Iowa, love Iowa farmground). We pay BIG taxes. We Support schools. I know growers which have children in schools with 14 different languages in their children’s grade due to the Governor refugees..and this has happened in the last 4 years. My ancestors learned English, and they also had freedom of speech, but they WANTED to learn and be an American. We still support our schools. People need to realize farmland taxes pay a lot of schools bills. Everyone needs a good education. I love children.

I have twin boys and a girl. I used to take my children to the mall in St. Cloud MN. It was once a great college town. That was 5 years ago.  Now its scarey. They don’t care where they park. They are rude. They have no sense of American pride. Nor do these “terrorist” care..they have been influenced by someone, somewhere to attack us.  

Then we have the Governors Aid : Example: I checked out of walmart and my cart was pretty FULL $200 worth. Theirs was $25 for a cart fuller and another cart? This was after they handed them some paper thingy and the prices were reduced?  What?  I was a single mother for 6 years. No support. No stamps. I worked. Hard.  This is where I have a problem…

So our political Yard signs were ripped off. So I made new funny ones. I put up Deer cam and plan to put out my snare foot traps..lol. Why do people Steal? Because they don’t get their way?  We need a supportive, safe, secure America back. Something to be PROUD of. Oh, that and No buffers as we No Till.