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Dirty Laundry

Laundry.  Harvest Time around our home means finding Beans or Corn in the washer and dryer and lack of sleep.  Having Twin boys and a girl along with working full time, fixing harvest meals and in the field myself, leaves little time for washing.   Thus my teen children have picked up my slack. Thus the signs. Enjoy!

Farm Body Shop

NEW coming this Holiday Season is a fun new line for MEN and WOMEN!

Salt & Light

NEW to my Rural Girl Boutique is a fun line I call FARMGIRL FAITH….. SALT & LIGHT was my inspiration this week.  I challenge ya’ll to read Matthew Chapter Five.  ENJOY and Spread the Faith!



Dry Skin?

Fall is in the air, and my skin is not feeling the love it did this summer. A way to fix that?? SOY BASED Body Butter. This is not a water based lotion like many big store brands. Whipped to perfection and full of goodness this Body Butter will leave your skin quenched and feeling like your skin should feel. Soft. 
Great Gift Idea!