Wind Locked

Rural America. We all love the peaceful place we live. We share it with many.  In Southern MN along the Blue Earth heavily wooded river, we constantly see Eagles. Bald Eagles fly, swooping down on a fresh dug field to pick up field mice in the spring. The Winter you see them perching or flying looking for prey.  Wind Locked is a group of landowners and homeowners in a proposed Wind Project area who share the same goal, they themselves are the members creating a louder voice and working together, not individually like Wind developers want;  They want to protect their land rights and protect the airspace and landscape, keep crop pilots safe to protect their crops, and maintain an agricultural zone, not an industrial zone, to continue to produce state ranking crops in MN. Wind Locked members want to have the right to be able to split off a 40 acre chunk in 30 years for their grandchildren to farm without having to ask permission of the wind developer; members don’t want to worry about where that cable wire was buries for future generations.   Our soil structure is important.  Planning and Zoning is important. Industrial zones are changing our Ag rural /home landscape.  Large Transmission lines with large amount of steel and concrete fill the air and ground.  To help in the campaign, The Farmerette is doing her share for land owners and rural residents by producing  funds to help out this group against BIG WIND and their BIG money..  ALL of the Eagle items purchased goes towards the “Keep Em’ Flying” Campaign.  Show your support.  Wind. Keep it safe.