Its that time of year in Farm country.  Planting is underway. Fertilizer is being spread. Weed Control is being laid down.  Many criticize growers and don’t hear the facts, they only watch Dr. OZ and think... 

Easter Baskets


Its that time of year again, when the Easter Bunny makes his arrival! This year, ETTES time to get creative and add a little PIZAZZZ to the easter grass… they are even the Perfect Easter Colors! Available... 

Ettes Unique. Ettes Natural. Ettes Valentines.


Stumped for a unique gift for Valentines day?  Check out The Farmerette’s Market for a gift he or she will LOVE to get! Your skin is a largest organ on your body, so treat it with respect. R E S P E C T , now i... 

Spotlight Saturday: Jennifer Ann


It’s Spotlight Saturday and here is where the Farmerette Finds her Favorites and shares them with you!  Check out Jennifer Ann, a small town author which will make it Big.  I say this because I am not much... 

Fit Fajita’s


It’s Fit Farmerette Friday!  Time for a scruptious meal that fits all my pre-rec’s …Such as 1. The kids will also eat it.  2. It simple to make.  3. I can make it while I am at work. 4. It... 

Soak it away…

grapefruit salt bath

    Made with Mineral Rich Himalayan Pink Salt, this DETOX bath is sure to be a hit for Valentines Day! Check out or visit my SHOP page on this website to order!      

Let The Farmerette RESCUE you for Valentines!


Valentines is just around the corner!  Coming next week, Shop on for VALENTINE GIFT bags full of fun, unique gift ideas! Perfect for HIM, HER, Teachers, Friends etc…These cute RESCUE... 

Stocking Stuffers

stocking gift lip

Need ideas for Unique Christmas gifts..Get natures Vitamin E.. Soybean Oil!     Each 8 oz Jar is filled with Moisturizing Yumness.  (if that isn’t a word, it is now).  Scents include New Cranberry... 

Home in the Woods


  HOME IN THE WOODS LINK I told my Twins, 12 year old sweet would this be to live in someday…Just you and nature.  



Its getting to be that time of year again…I would rather make these when the weather is not so FRIGID and my sand isn’t I have been collecting Spruces, Cedar and Pine along with some twigs to SPRUCE... 

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