Pallet Art

pallet deer

Buck Season is here!  I thought this was perfect for fall decor, and can go right into Christmas decorating too!   Let me know if you LIKE  by sharing this:) I can always make more! I would love to hear from... 


diesel 2

New to the Farmerette!  Order this month, as after that they will not be available. 5 different looks! Head over to SHOP on this website..and get yours today! Be sure to share with your friends! Support. Share. Shop.   


can combine

Seriously, who has time to do this?    

Educate. Ettes Simple.


Kudos to Jimmy Kimmel for shining some light on the FACT that people do not know what a GMO is. Please educate yourself.  I grew up around conventional beans and corn. We had no weed control. We walked up and down  rows... 

Problem #1



FALL in love with your skin


As A Women who works outside, in the flying beeswings, and Soybean Dust, don’t forget to hydrate your skinny skin skin. Cool dry weather can zap your skin this fall.  Fall is the perfect time to make sure your... 

An Open Letter to Bullies


  Today, we live in a society of social media, the internet. You don’t have to be 4 foot tall to be bullied at school. As a parent, and a newer member to the community, I have found myself targeted by this cyber... 

Walking the Walk

heal cancer

Some people Talk.  Some people Walk.  Walking to me is the honest and uphill way to go. Last year, I found a tumor in my left side of my face.  Luckily I was able to visually SEE it growing.  It was attached... 

Get your Farmerette on…

bacon seeds black

Time to get you Farmerette Style on.  Coming to this website will be cute, comfortable, Country Farmer-ette Shirt for summer wearing.  Support Agriculture and Show your Country Pride! Here is number one of many... 

Farmerette Cheese (Carrot) Ball


No this is not made with Carrots but with 2 packages of low fat cream cheese + 1 Package Dry Ranch Dressing + Bacon Bits .. I used Cilantro for the top! Happy Easter From The Farmerette!  

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