Stocking Stuffers

stocking gift lip

Need ideas for Unique Christmas gifts..Get natures Vitamin E.. Soybean Oil!     Each 8 oz Jar is filled with Moisturizing Yumness.  (if that isn’t a word, it is now).  Scents include New Cranberry... 

Home in the Woods


  HOME IN THE WOODS LINK I told my Twins, 12 year old sweet would this be to live in someday…Just you and nature.  



Its getting to be that time of year again…I would rather make these when the weather is not so FRIGID and my sand isn’t I have been collecting Spruces, Cedar and Pine along with some twigs to SPRUCE... 

What does the Farmer Say…


That time of year, This made me laugh. If you can relate to yawning and hard farm work, this video is worth a watch #farmlife #Thefarmerette  

FARMLife is Good.

Farmlife is good

 Connecting Agriculture. Educating.  What The Farmerette does out here in the prairies of Minnesota, may not be exactly what you do, But we all have to understand the basics. Farmers are the backbone of America.... 

Factual Farm Babes

corn borer

Let me introduce you to the Factual Farm Babes.  Its all about the FOOD. the FACTS. the FARM. The blue on the seed is a treatment that will eventually wash off the outside coating of the seed, it does not GO INTO the... 

Pallet Art

pallet deer

Buck Season is here!  I thought this was perfect for fall decor, and can go right into Christmas decorating too!   Let me know if you LIKE  by sharing this:) I can always make more! I would love to hear from... 


diesel 2

New to the Farmerette!  Order this month, as after that they will not be available. 5 different looks! Head over to SHOP on this website..and get yours today! Be sure to share with your friends! Support. Share. Shop.   


can combine

Seriously, who has time to do this?    

Educate. Ettes Simple.


Kudos to Jimmy Kimmel for shining some light on the FACT that people do not know what a GMO is. Please educate yourself.  I grew up around conventional beans and corn. We had no weed control. We walked up and down  rows... 

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