Walking the Walk

heal cancer

Some people Talk.  Some people Walk.  Walking to me is the honest and uphill way to go. Last year, I found a tumor in my left side of my face.  Luckily I was able to visually SEE it growing.  It was attached... 

Get your Farmerette on…

bacon seeds black

Time to get you Farmerette Style on.  Coming to this website will be cute, comfortable, Country Farmer-ette Shirt for summer wearing.  Support Agriculture and Show your Country Pride! Here is number one of many... 

Farmerette Cheese (Carrot) Ball


No this is not made with Carrots but with 2 packages of low fat cream cheese + 1 Package Dry Ranch Dressing + Bacon Bits .. I used Cilantro for the top! Happy Easter From The Farmerette!  

Fit Farmerette’s Avocado Dip

Avocado Dip

  Since St. Patricks Day is right around the corner…thinking of something green and yummy. Avocados! The buttery texture and mild, nut-like flavor of an avocado is hard to beat.  To make sure your avocados... 

Tired of Winter

raise your hand if you're tired of winter!

So my Twin boys and little girl and I decided that we were sick and tired of winter.  Yes, five more inches of the white stuff fell again on our minnesota ground last night.  The good thing is the kids got to sleep... 

Support Agriculture!

Need food? Support farmers.  That, my friends, is my quote of the day.  After reading what chipotle continues to promote against corporate farms, I am getting more and more disgusted about how people are only hearing... 

Farm wedding Reception


I know Easter is around the corner and these string balloons were what we used to make our easter baskets out of on the farm.  So instead of baskets why not make hanging wedding ornaments?? elegant and fun to make…kids... 

Dessert Tree


Weddings are MY Favorite to Decorate for…Be Inspired and Follow The Farmerette’s Style Wedding Ideas! This is our cupcake Tree with KISS Cookies in bowls below…just let your mind go, and your tummy growl.  

Farmerette’s Country Choc Chip Cookies

Farmerette Country Cookies

Even if you are the worst cook in the world {yes, I know you are out there} don’t be afraid to try this simple recipe, forget buying those tubes of cookie mix (YUCK)…just make sure you give The Farmerette a little... 

Wrench it up


  Thought these were so cute… So have to share!   

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