Back to School: FARMGIRL Bath and Body

Summer is rounding the corner, and I hope everyone has had time to enjoy their family’s before the kids head back to school!  Just in time for School, I am designing a NEW LINE of Lotions for Teens/Kids.  Here is a sneak peek…

farmfresh orange



ETTES Ag in the classroom!

My 12 year old daughter came home this week with a fun little brochure and fun facts on agriculture in MN!  So I am sharing the link:)





Get your summer GLOW on




Fun Farmerette Facts


For 2016 I am launching a new Campaign  Fun Farmerette Farming Facts.  So join in, give me ideas about your state of Farming, send me a picture and I will help YOU promote Fun Facts about Agriculture! Here is my first, since I live in Blue Earth, MN, I thought it would be appropriate…Minnesota is #5 in Cash Crops across the U.S.  Minnesota DOES lead in being #1 in Sugarbeets (up north of here), #1 in Processed Sweet Corn and Green Peas.  There…now you know a little bit more:) 

#funFarmerettefacts  Please share and draw Awareness for Ag!


Hidden Pantry

pantry green

This year, I decided I am going to share with you some of my designing skills.  This is what happens when you allow your children to play outside, paint the basement walls, paint the chicken coop, build wooden fat ladies that look like they are bending over in the garden…remember those?  LOL  

I love designing. I wish I could do more. So to inspire you, since i live in tin buck two…I will randomly post some Farmerette Style home inspirations.  Enjoy My Hidden Pantry. It includes a closet, A pivot hinge, A door with cabinet doors attached and WALAAA.. Pin away! Happy Sharing…

pantry green



Farming in Aussie Land



I found this video on Facebook. And have to give credit to Liz Pearson who posted it.  This guys has to be my other brother from down under.  I do this, just don’t record it…maybe I should.  LOL  Enjoy and thank you for the smiles. Farming needs humor, long hours and humor go hand in hand.






Who out there has children? ME ME.. I have twin boys and a girl. Take this quick quiz then read on…

For the last 10 years of school, I have ran into the hiccup of how to organize the kids school items I would like to keep. DOES ANYONE ELSE HAVE THIS ISSUE? You know how it is, working mom, papers come home, ribbons get won, pictures get taken (and not printed??); and the get thrown in box, or in a drawer, well anyway there are in a HEAP!Ya with me? Vote yes or no. Yes, thought so!

My dilemma was that I know how the years fly by. I have twins. Come graduation time, I do NOT want to be going through 13-14 years of “memories” TIMES 2! I am pulling my hair out right now just thinking about it!:) I have searched High and low on Pinterest etc..nothing has tripped my trigger.

My FIRST thought was, well I will just get a school book! YEAH, You know the kind they make! {insert excitement here} Right. The little 8×8 doesn’t hold what I want to keep, and seriously who has time to fill in the blanks? Plus you cannot PUT anything in them..they are spiral bound already, or the pockets are not big enough…ugh.

Second thought…I will scrapbook! Yeah, that lasted about 2 minutes of thought. No time. Takes money. Takes more time. And I would have to cut and paste and sort and make it look pretty. Plus, a huge 12×12 book just LOOKS awkward if you ask me. Who wants to lug that around when you are 19.

Third thought. I will just keep a box of each year! Seems simple. Well until it comes time for graduation and you have to sort through things for 5 weeks (twins take that times two). And when the kids leave home, they have 13 boxes to take…hee.

Ok…4th thought. This should be good… FILE!  I am a business lady..I will make a file for each grade. Sounds perfect.  But, seriously, who looks through files? Plus really how FUN is it to LOOK though a file when your a 4th grader and you want to see your pretty kindergarten art? Files seem to just be shoved all back together and still have it really in “pieces” well but filed.

What you WANT it to look like…


 What it REALLY looks like after years of putting “Things” in it…Sorry this is REAL WORLD:) 


What about Trinkets? where do you store that pet rock? Where do you put those science ribbons? UGH THE AGONY of trying to STAY ORGANIZED!

So 10 years ago I had the idea… A CLASSY PACK.  TADA! Its has to do with CLASSES right?  I want it CLASSY looking (not too kiddish), and I wanted it in a to-go PACK.  Thus the name.   I do like the name so I got the website domain and have kept it ever since. (you can try it but it links back here, well until I get my debut on shark tank or something) 🙂 Back to reality…  todays world, with technology and mothers across the nation, I am looking for FEEDBACK! What are YOU looking for..I have my design. I just need to tweek it to what consumers WANT. What busy mothers NEED. Yet keep it EASY and SIMPLE. 

Thus I came up with the tagline. The Classy Pack. Admire. Cherish. Save. Because really, that is the ultimate goal. Cherish what your children have done. Have them ADMIRE what they wrote in 1st grade. And SAVE them all in a place that they can keep to share with their children..all in ONE neat fun Classy Pack:)

So BEFORE I share with you my idea… (yes, after 10 years I do have my kids things in a classy pack) I need MORE of your input and I need to share this idea on social media. It will only take a few seconds. Think of it like a quiz to make your life easier…

Ok  Ok, here is a peek at what I have done, you can do this too, but you will need a Classy Pack to put them in…because you also have pet rocks to store.  The older they get then slimmer they get, FYI..  I have all the fun dividers and sheets to fill out for them done too already.  The nice thing about putting each year in a binder is that they are VIEWABLE,  ORGANIZED BY YEAR (ie the kids 3 hole punch and put things away themselves now), and come graduation time, all they have to do is pull out the CLASSY PACK and its all ready to Cherish. Admire, and SAVE away all in a cute little PACK:) 



PLEASE Pass along and SHARE this POLL with others that have children in School.  Thanks!   The Farmerette

Last Minute Stocking Stuffers!


Now watch me WHIP…HEY! These are all great stocking stuffers or gifts for that teen, college, sister, daughter, mom, step-mom, grandmother, neighbor, friends….well just about anyone really!

These whipped body butters are FAR more luxurious on your skin than bath and body. Made with cocoa butter, shea butter and natures natural Vitamin E…SOY OIL! Check out my gift packages and my little elves and I will be packaging and shipping in time for your Christmas festivities! Go to OR email me at for more info!

Gift Ideas for HIM

for him FB

for him FB